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Going on Vacation?

Let the Police Department know when you are out of town and we can keep a closer watch on your property. All you need to do is fill out a Vacation Watch Request Form and drop it off at City Hall.



The Abernathy Police Department encourages citizens to bring forward legitimate grievances regarding misconduct by employees. The image of the Department depends on the personal integrity and discipline of all Departmental employees.

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2016 Racial Profiling Report



Abernathy Police Chiefs
 Name  Appointed
 Jay Daniel 1959
 Willard Opp  1961
 Richard Roe  August, 1962
 Bill Wilkinson  June, 1963
 Frank Chapman  June, 1965
 Troy Coon  September, 1965
 Frank Russell  July, 1971
 Charles Coats January, 1976
 Clyde Vandygriff October, 1976
 Jimmy Williams  December, 1980
 Ray Naron  April, 1981
 Harvey Grady  March, 1991
 Luis Lopez  January, 1997
 Johnny Cochran  December, 1999
 Luis Villarreal  June, 2001
 John Ballard  December, 2008
 Cameron Bowman  August, 2012
 Luis Villarreal  September, 2017
 Dwain Read